Welcome to Ojus Ayurved

Welcome To Ojus Ayurved, The first fully fledged Ayurveda hospital in the North Maharashtra India. Ojus Ayurved is established in August 1995 with a small consulting room in Jalgaon. In 2011, We expanded our work with a big hospital which is having all facilities under one roof like Three-consulting chambers, medicine preparation, and big waiting lobby, Four Panchakarm Treatment Room, Sushrut Ayurved Pharmacy, Medicinal Garden and Staff Quarter. We offer a good solution for all chronic disease like Rheumatoid arthritis, gout, IBS, Coronary artery disease, allergic asthma and many more.


Now a days Infertility has become a big problem in our society. Many times such patients are having all normal reports, still they can’t reach up to destination. Many patients come at us after failure of IUI test tube baby and many more treatments. We had been treated such patients of unexplained Infertility with a good success rates. Initially we council and suggest couple to do body purification with some panchakarm processes which has been explained in detail inside broucher as preconceptional treatment. This procedure purifies the ovum and sperms by its microchannel cleansing which is called as bijshuddhi process.

After purification, we start some internal medicines for bijpushti which strengthens ovum and sperms for some days. After strengthening, we advise natural intercourse which gives good news after some days. We have lot of successful cases of obstetrical. Bad obstetrical history that means repeated abortion, some cases of repeated foetal anomaly like hydrocephalus, downs syndrome, Ventricular Septal Defect(Hole in heart) etc


Pollution, hybrid food and stressful life style is producing an impact on human body. Now a days, Allergic bronchitis, allergic asthama, allergic rhinitis, Deviated nasal septum, Bronchiectasis , repeated bronchopneumonia, pulmonary tuberculosis, low immunity producing repeated upper and lower respiratory disease. Such illnesses have good care in Ayurveda. We had been treated thousands of cases right from paediatric to geriatric in last 22 yrs.

Usually we recommend panchakarm treatment followed by internal ayurvedic medicine. Medicines are started with both aspects like cure of disease as well as avoidance of repeated episodes by increasing immune complex.


Lack of exercise, overweight, suppressing natural urges of urine, motion, hunger, sleep, yawning etc. and stressful life style, these are common factor which produces joint disorder in human being. Rheumaroid arthritis (Aamvat),Gouty arthritis(Vatrakta), Osteoarthritis (sandhivat),prolapsed intervertebral disc(Katigat vat) cervical spondylosis (manyagat vat) are commonly and successfully treated with madicines and Panchakarma.

Such patients are tired with consuming painkillers and steroids. We offer a great and suceessful solutions for these illnesses. Sometimes advance progressive disease(long standing illness with deformines) can’t be cured permanently but can be controlled well.


Irregular bowel and food habits (producing constipation and dyspepsia),lack of sufficient sleep, repeated consumption of spicy and out side food commonly produces gastrointestinal diseases like repeated diarrhoea, acidity, chest pain ,bloating of abdomen,abdominal pain,peptic ulcers, vomiting etc.

Right diet regimen, regular exercise,change in life style along with our perfect and time tested ayurvedic medicines can cure such diseases permanently. Negligence of above problem always produces anorectal diseases like piles, fissure, fistula, etc. We have good care for such patients in primary and secondary stages.


More expectation in the form of money and respect, disc ordination of family members, office stress and job tensions are common factors for mental diseases. We found depression, anxiety, epilepsy, loss of sleep (Insomnia), loss of memory (Dementia, Alzheimer’s), lack of concentration in children, unstability of children in day to day life.

Such patient consumes too much anti-depressant and anti-anxiolytic drugs for years together. Still they live like a statue with no emotions at all. Ayurved can bring a new life within such patients with good Panchakarm therapies like shirodhara and some massages. We suggest a good herbal treatment like Bramhi, shankhapushpi, Jatamansi etc.

Now a day’s migraine is also big headache for common man which is result of emotional upset and wrong daily routine (related to psychological disorder as well as migraine). We have successfully treated number of patient in ojus.